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Aging Face Treatment

As the face ages, drooping and sagging of the skin occur. This happens because as we age the skin loses elasticity, some fat is absorbed, and the skull gets smaller. Essentially, the envelope that is the face becomes larger than its contents. This results in deepening of the lines of facial expression and sagging of the skin of the face resulting in jowling and the "double-chin" or "turkey gobble" in the neck. Further degenerative changes that occur in the skin, underlying muscles and support system result in fine wrinkling. Sun exposure and smoking can hasten this process.

Reversing the process of sagging and drooping involves tightening the underlying structures and overlying skin. The procedures in this section can improve "coarse" wrinkling. These are the large wrinkles that we see.

For the sagging or drooping brow, this typically is done through small incisions in the scalp: the ENDOSCOPIC BROW LIFT.

Tightening the mid-face and neck can be done through small incisions in the scalp, under the chin, through the mouth, or well-camouflaged incisions wrapping around the ears: ENDOSCOPIC MIDFACE, FACE, and NECK LIFTING.

Treating the eyelids at the same time brings about harmony in the face: BLEPHAROPLASTY. These incisions are also well camouflaged.

The recovery time for these procedures is typically about 2 weeks, with most patients able to wear make-up and be out in public by 10 days. By 2 weeks, 80% of the swelling and bruising is gone. Most patients resume their normal exercise routines at 2 weeks.

Fine wrinkles are the small, "crepe paper" appearing areas around the mouth and eyes, and often on the cheeks. These fine wrinkles can be treated with LASER SKIN RESURFACING, CHEMICAL PEELING, DERMABRASION, or PULSED LIGHT THERAPIES. Which treatment is right for you will depend upon the individual's specifics that will be discussed in the consultation with Dr. Klausner.

Many of the above procedures can be done without anesthesia or under "Twilight" Anesthesia and the patient can go home the same day. In "Twilight" anesthesia" enough sedation is given so that the patient is comfortable and has little if any recollection of the procedure, but avoids the undesirable effects of general anesthesia.

Minimally Invasive Office Procedures such as acid peeling to treat skin pigmentary and surface irregularities, Botox to treat wrinkling in the forehead and around the eyes, and many choices of filler injection to treat aging of the mouth, lips and midface can be done in the office at the time of the initial consulation.

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